• The institute functions for the mutual and collective advantage of everyone; spiritually, physically and financially.
  • A cooperative society called the ‘’ Yeshua commonwealth’’ serves the financial interest of members.
  • Members are assisted financially as approved by the governing council in such areas of their personal needs to keep them focused on their God given assignments.
  • All members are encouraged to commit to each other’s social life, to rejoice with as many as are rejoicing. It is expected that each member attends wedding ceremonies, ordination, naming ceremony and all other social functions as may be called by members from time to time.

• Connecting
Reference letter may be given to students to assist in securing admissions abroad or to connect to other ministries

Yeshua Homecoming

  • Yeshua home coming is once a year in October and every member of the alumni family is encouraged to attend to foster love and for appraisal