The Yeshua Bible School operates a simple ‘’Biblical theology’’ by drawing inferences from the progressive dealings of God with man across the different testaments. The system gives the students a great edge in Bible exegesis and hermeneutics. Each of the major divisions of the Bible is well illustrated. It is a unique and a highly robust curriculum covering from Genesis through to Revelation



  • Doctrine (DOC 101-105)
  • Ministry (MIN 101-104)
  • Management (MAG 101-103)
  • Over viewing of New Testament books, isolating the major themes/sub-themes and drawing application points

• Novelty Programs – (On station) : FREE
• Novelty Programs – (On-line) : 100 USD
• Priestly Program – (On-station): 100USD
• Priestly Program – (On-line): 250USD

The overall purpose of the Alumni is to make a ‘mac’ where ‘m’ stands for mentoring, ‘a’ for assisting and ‘c’ for connecting
• Mentoring
• Assisting
• Connecting

• Mentoring

  • On-station Novelty certificate program is open to the public (No fee required)
  • On-station mentoring through seminars at the institute head office (No fee required)
  • On-line continuous education Program – all Yeshua alumni log on to the institute website via their matriculation number for continuous online education.
  • Registration for Priestly Certificate in advanced Theology (PCA.th)
  • Yeshua Bible School encourages all its members to be a committed member of a local church assembly. It however offers assistance in the ordination of members into ministry in partnership with the local assembly the member attends.